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Flanagan and Major

Flanagan and Major

We understand that your horse/pony has probably been a great companion, servant and friend over the years and you owe them the best possible care and supervision. We work closely with our owners to ensure that whilst with us they receive the attention they deserve.

Our aim at Fedw is to provide a safe and caring equine home. We feel it is important that we not only keep our guests fit and well bodily but mentally too.

Each horse/pony will have its own permanent stable and year round grazing. All our stables (except for our isolation boxes) are 15 x 12 internal boxes. They are all bedded on shavings/straw and rubber matting.

Mostly horses are grazed in pairs, on large meadow fields around the farm. The fields are rotated at least once a month for the benefit of the land and the horses.

We have an internal Monarch four-horse Exerciser installed for use with both our convalescing and retired guests. There is an equine shower area with veterinary Stocks and full solarium; again all our liveries can use them.

We realise the importance to treat each horse/pony as an individual. Every horse will receive its own feeding plan including extra supplements, namely Hilton Herbs Kelp (seaweed), Cider Vinegar, Garlic (summer) and Linseed and Fenugreek (winter). Pro-biotics are fed after worming etc. Additional supplements such as Devils claw, Cortaflex, Farriers Formula and MSM are also available extras.

Although we harvest Hay and Haylage on the farm we only feed our horses haylage. We have this tested for Dry matter content and pH levels.

Along with our regular worming program a Horse Dentist and Chiropractor attends Fedw frequently through the year.

We obviously have a 24-hour call out Veterinary centre with a specialist equine vet on call to deal with routine and emergency visits. Our registered farrier is always on hand for both routine and remedial shoeing and advice.

We have the full backing of the British Horse Society and became a British Horse Society 'Approved Livery Yard' back in January 2003.


We are a British Horse Society Approved Livery Yard